Slight Delay due to sickness

Hey guys,

Writing this to you very slowly while lying in bed. Please excuse any typos. I know people get anxious if there’s any delay in the regular posting schedule, so I want to update you.

I’m sick again. Some of you may know I was sick about 3 weeks out of November, relapsing 2 times when I thought I was better already. I worked really hard in December to catch up, like 260 hours.

So I was going to take the first week of January off posting. But then my partner got sock, and gave it to me. He didn’t get super sick, but I have for some reason. Like over 103 degree fever, deep and never ending chills, weird numbness in my hands.

Anyway, I’m not dying. I’m pretty sure I’m already on the downswing of all this. Buut I wanated to let you know the weekly chapter is going to be postponed for at least one more week. Very unlikely that it would be more than that.

I’m really hoping not to relapse and get fully better this time in one go.

Anyway, i’ll try to link to this post at various reader spots so everyone knows what’s going on.

Thanks guys,


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