Sometimes people may have trouble accessing chapters which should be available. There are two main areas where you could face problems.

If the chapter should already be available to non-patrons, this is usually due to site caching. Even though the site may have updated, your browser may still be displaying an old–locked–version of the page.

To fix this:

Clear your cache
Try loading the page on a different browser or device.

If you are a patron but the advance Patreon chapter remains locked, this could be a cache problem, but is sometimes trouble with WordPress vs. the Patreon plugin, thus not giving you access to locked content. Many times, it is just a frustrating delay in communication between the two that will resolve itself after a few hours, but here are some tips to try to force it to update faster.

(If you can’t log in to Patreon at all, try the Patreon app instead of their website. Otherwise:)


1. Clear your cache and try again to force it to actually update the page with new information.

2. On Patreon, make sure you’ve accepted their cookies.

3. If you have an adblocker, make sure it’s off on both Patreon and my website.

4. After logging in on Patreon, if the “refresh” button on the chapter you want to read my website doesn’t work, try clicking “Unlock with Patreon.” There should be an intermediate page that pops up asking you to allow the Patreon app embedded in my website to access your Patreon information. [Pictured on the right]

5. If that doesn’t work, just log in with your Patreon info directly on my website using page (Click “Login with Patreon.”):

6. Try a different browser that hasn’t accessed the chapter you’re trying to read yet.

7. Use the “Read Latest Chapters” button under “Read a Practical Guide to Sorcery” at the top of the website. This can give you a new page that will actually “refresh” the Patreon data because you haven’t been there before. Beware, though, the posts are in reverse-chronological order, so the most recent chapter is always at the top, and you may need to scroll down to find the chapter you’re on.

8. If none of that is working, contact me through email, the contact form on my website, or Patreon, and we’ll figure it out together.