New Grimoire Page & Schedule Announcement

I’ve got a new illustrated Grimoire excerpt over on Patreon. It’s Siobhan’s class schedule plus some information about sky kraken. Patrons at any level can access it.

In other news, there will be a temporary slowdown in the chapter posting schedule. (NOT a hiatus.)

I have written the first 70k words or so of Book 3, but I’m not happy with it currently and it needs some significant revision. This always happens, even though I plot out my books heavily beforehand, which is why I try to stay far enough ahead of what’s being serialized that I can go back to earlier chapters and fix stuff before it’s out in the world.

I’m not far enough ahead right now, and I am a slow writer.

So while I fix up what’s been written, add new content where necessary, and plow further into Book 3, I’m going to temporarily reduce the posting frequency of new chapters. Next week there will still be a new chapter, like normal. After that, until the end of March, there will be a 1 to 2 week break between new chapters. I’ll make the date of the next chapter clear each time.

Instead, I’ll be putting out multiple illustrated excerpts from Siobhan’s grimoire. I’ve always planned to do more of these, but I haven’t had enough time to do the illustrations. While I was reviewing the audio files for A Conjuring of Ravens, I had many hours where I couldn’t be writing or doing other text-focused tasks which I used to do a lot of little illustrations for the books. Putting together Grimoire excerpts using them won’t take me much extra time and will still let patrons get some fun new content to tide you over.

I have a Lore document with about 80k words of “non-fiction” entries about the people and the world, which I use to keep things straight so I don’t end up contradicting myself. There’s plenty of possible content.

This won’t affect any of the Patreon goal rewards. I’ve got enough chapters ready to go that I can afford some extra releases, and I’ve been slowly prepping the ideas to write that bonus short story. If/when we hit the goals, I’ll just have to put in some really long days to stay ahead/increase my lead.

In April, releases will be back to normal. As I post new chapters, I will be keeping you guys updated on what I’m up to and how much progress I’m making.


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Patreon Third Goal Reached – Bonus Chapters & Omake Story

We’ve reached the third Patreon goal, woot woot! Thank you very much.

This means that I’ll be posting 2 bonus chapters over the next week, as well as writing a bonus omake short story, which my patrons are voting on. 

If you would like to vote on the short story, you can do so as a patron at any level, or write-in your own ideas. Here’s the link to the poll:

The omake will take some time to get everyone’s votes, and then for me to plot it out and write it, so I estimate it will be finished sometime around the beginning of October. It will likely be exclusive to patrons for at least a little while, as a thank you for supporting me.

I came up with some ideas for side content that are really fun; I want to write all of them! The further this story progresses, the more ideas I have for extra content that I just can’t fit into the main story.

Anyway, that’s all for now. Thanks again for supporting this story, guys.

As always, happy reading.


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Gods of Ash and Amber Audio Live + Free Codes

Hey guys!

After a long wait, the audio of Seeds of Chaos Book 4 is finally complete and up in stores. Many of you have been following along as audio chapters were finished and posted on a locked page of my website. 

Every patron who has contributed $15 or more is being offered a free Audible code to download their own copy. If you haven’t gotten yours already, (via Patreon PM) it should be coming soon. I can only get 25 codes at a time from Audible, and others need to redeem their codes before I can generate more. (I’ve been going in order of lifetime support amount.)

On that note, if you haven’t redeemed your code, do so quickly because codes that are not redeemed WILL be given to others, and eventually I will run out of codes completely. (If you missed redeeming your code, email or PM me as I might still have some left.)

If you want to try out the series from the beginning, you can do so here: 




My next step is to get A Practical Guide to Sorcery into audio, and I’ll be looking for a narrator for that this week. If the timing works out, and people are interested, I’m considering serializing chapters of the PGTS audio as they are completed, for patrons only. 

Thanks to all of you who have supported the production of my stories! It’s fantastic to have the whole Seeds of Chaos series in audio now, so people who prefer that format can binge-listen all the way through. 

As always, 

Happy Reading,



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PGTS: A Binding of Blood Release Date & Cover Reveal

Hey guys!

I’ve recently finished the first draft of A Binding of Blood (A Practical Guide to Sorcery Book 2)! It’s the second-longest book I’ve ever written, and was really trying to become the longest.

There are still a lot of chapters to be serialized before reaching the end, because I try to stay far enough ahead so that I have time to circle back and fix mistakes or implement tweaks as I discover the need.

I still have to send the book to my editor and do all of the publication prep, but I am tentatively hoping to publish somewhere around mid-late December. (The official pre-order date is Feb. 22, which was the latest date I could select when setting it up, because I tend to be too optimistic about how long projects will take me, and didn’t want to miss the deadline.)

I’ve put together a temporary cover, which you can see below.

I like illustrating, but going forward I’m probably going to have a professional cover designer make my covers. Keeping up with the trends and the skills of design (and not just painting) is a full time job, and I am a full time writer, not a full time cover artist.

Magic always has its price.
Beware that you do not sacrifice more than you can bear to lose.

Siobhan’s story continues in A Binding of Blood.

I’m going to be testing out replacement covers for this series this winter, and I’m interested to see what the designer comes up with!

If you’d like to support the story and own a copy of your own, you can also get A Conjuring of Ravens as an ebook or paperback. I’m hoping to start audiobook production soon!

In a world where magic is a science, Siobhan Naught is a genius.
But even geniuses need schooling.

As an update on my last blog post, the audiobook publication of Gods of Ash and Amber is in progress! All edits were completed, and the files have been submitted. They’re going through the quality review process and should be pushed through to bookstores soon.

I’m very excited.

Okay, it’s back to the ink mines for me!

Happy Reading,


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Gods of Ash and Amber Audiobook – First Draft Finished

Hey guys!
I have some good news that many have been waiting a long time for. The Gods of Ash and Amber Audiobook is finished! (Well, the first draft, anyway.)
It’s still in edits to fix minor errors, but this means that it should be completely finished soon, and after that up for sale on Audible, Amazon, and iBooks!
I can’t give an exact date, because the quality review and bookstore upload process is done by people on Audible’s back end, and it varies. However, I’m optimistic it should be available toward the end of this month or early next month.

If you are an audio lover and haven’t listened to the Seeds of Chaos series, why not check them out now!

View Book 1 on Audible

If you have an Audible subscription plan, you can get the first 2 books, which are over 31 hours combined, together for a single credit. 

View the Omnibus on Audible

I know some of you have been waiting for a long time for this. I’m sorry it took so long, and thank you for enjoying the books enough to care.
As promised, anyone who supports me on Patreon and has contributed $15 or more over the lifetime of their support will get a free Audible download code when the book goes live in the store.
What’s up with me: I’m toiling away in the ink mines, working on the next book in the A Practical Guide to Sorcery Series, which has received a very positive and encouraging reception. I’ve got so many ideas for this series and these characters, and the story is a joy to write.
My goal, as it always seems to be, is to get a little faster at this whole story-production process. I’m trying some new things to help with that, from outsourcing some things that I can, but don’t necessarily have to do myself, to a new story-planning process that might streamline some of the common obstacle points I face while writing the story.
We’ll see if it works. I’d love to be able to write more high-quality books in the same amount of time. I’m pretty sure you guys would like that, too. 🙂
Anyways, back to the mines for me. As always, Happy Reading,
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