A Practical Guide to Sorcery
Similar Features:
Misunderstandings, Accidental Success, Weak Character believed to be Strong

Title: Ciaphas Cain series
Author: Sandy Mitchell
Book Genre and Premise: Set in the world of Warhammer 40k, Ciaphas Cain is a commissar of the Imperium, and eventually hailed as one of its greatest heroes.
Similarity Level: Medium
Reason for Recommendation: Cain is, by his own account quite average, and tries his best to avoid engaging in actual combat. Ironically, his unlikely successes have him named “Hero of the Imperium” and put in even more dangerous situations. While slightly different in flavor as Cain is more aware of the social aspects of being heroic and will purposefully laud himself, it bears distinct similarities to some of the Raven Queen’s own undeserved mythos.
Recommended by: Azalea Ellis
Link: Ciaphas Cain on Amazon

Similar Features:
Hard Magic System, Magic System Analysis, Magical School and Classes
Similar Features:
Hard Magic System, Magic System Analysis, Magical School and Classes

Title: Just a Bystander
Author: Aefraga
Book Genre and Premise: Budding arcanist Caden enrolls in the Academy, entering the same cohort as the legendary Chosen ones.
Similarity Level: Medium
Reason for Recommendation: Set at a magical school, there is a focus on exploring how the magic, and particularly prophecy, actually works. The main character is a hard worker, talented without being OP.
Recommended By: Azalea Ellis

Link: Just a Bystander on RoyalRoad

Similar Features:
Realistic Power Progression, non-OP Characters
Similar Feature:
Rational-Aspiring Characters, Everyone is a Realistically Unreliable Narrator
Similar Feature:
Seeds of Chaos

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