Second Goal Reached (2 extra chapters!)

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We've reached 25 patrons, which is the second goal! We've just been creeping along with someone new every now and then, and suddenly, here we are! Thank you guys very...
All chapters of A Practical Guide to Sorcery will become available to everyone over time, with a standard release speed of one chapter every Thursday. If you would like to support me, get other bonus content like excerpts from Siobhan's Grimoire, and read this chapter right now, please support me on Patreon.
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Special Offer February 11-26

I’m excited to announce a Special Offer I’m running along with the launch of the first book in A Practical Guide to Sorcery, A Conjuring of Ravens! This offer is available for only two weeks, through February 26.

All pledges at $7 or more will receive a faux-celerium Conduit keychain (in our world it’s known as raw quartz). This level also includes early  access to the next 3 chapters of the story, which will be getting into  Book 2, A Binding of Blood, and all the illustrated excerpts from  Siobhan’s grimoire. 

Pledges at $25 or more will also receive a personalized paperback copy of the book, with your name in it and a message from me on the first page, along with a signed bookplate sticker I designed for this story. The bookplate sticker is meant to go inside the book, but you can do whatever you want with it.

My goal here is to reach the 25 patrons milestone. When we reach that point, I will post an extra 2 chapters within the following week.

If we hit 35 total patrons, I will post a map of University grounds, big enough to have printed, and an omake chapter that you guys give suggestions for and vote on. It  can be from any side character’s POV, and explore their experience of  something that happened in A Conjuring of Ravens. Want to know what  happened with the coppers or the Morrows after their fight with Siobhan  at the end of Book 1? Want to know what a random side student feels like  going to class with Sebastien Siverling, who doesn’t remember their  name even after months in the same dorm and same classes? Want to see  what schemes the girl who has a crush on Sebastien comes up with to get  his attention? You guys decide what you want to see (though I will veto  anything that would disrupt the plot, like seeing into an important  character’s head on a topic that is supposed to remain hidden,) and I  will write it.

If we somehow hit 50 total patrons by February 26, I  will post 4 bonus chapters within a week, a map of University grounds,  and either 2 omake chapters or 1 omake and your choice of Siobhan’s next  illustrated grimoire excerpt.

What if I only pledge at $ 7+ for one month, then stop?
You  will still get the Conduit keychain/personalizd paperback/bookplate  sticker, as well as my thanks for your support, and will just lose  access to the normal rewards of whatever tier you chose after your month  of membership is up, like advance chapters and the grimoire excerpts.

What if I pledge at less than $7?
I  won’t be able to send you any of the bonus physical gifts, but you will  still get access to whatever rewards are available at the tier you  choose, and you still get my sincere gratitude. Plus, if we get to the  goal milestones, while you may not get early access to  chapters, you’ll still get multiple releases in a week, and you’ll get  the map and the omake chapter(s) at even the lowest tier! Patrons can be  at any level–they do not need to be at $7 or above.

I’m already a Patron, what about me?
You’re  set to get whatever rewards are available at your tier without doing  anything, just make sure I have your correct mailing address if you’ve moved since becoming my patron. If you’re below the level for physical goods like the  personalized paperback, and you would like to get them, you’ll need to  upgrade your tier before the 26th.

What if I pledge at one of the higher tiers, like Archmage or Free-Caster?
You  will get all of the the special offer gifts, as well as whatever  rewards come with your tier normally. A spell of your design in the  official story, or a short story with the characters and prompt of your  choice.

Do you guys have any questions? Just let me know in the comments, or send me a message. 

If you have friends who might be interested in this, let them know! More patrons, at any level, means a better chance for those goal milestone rewards. 

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A Conjuring of Ravens: Pre-Order

I’m super happy to announce that the first book in my new Practical Guide to Sorcery series is up and available for pre-order as an ebook.
It’s only $2.99 for the pre-order period, but it will be going up to the standard $4.99 price after launch week.
In a world where magic is a science, Siobhan Naught is a genius.
But even geniuses need schooling.
Siobhan will do anything to learn magic.
But she’s just been banned from the country’s only magical university.
As the unwitting accomplice to the theft of a priceless magical artifact, she has suddenly become a wanted criminal. There are fates worse than death, and if caught, she will face them. Unwilling to give up on her dream of becoming the world’s most powerful sorcerer, she resolves to do whatever it takes to change her fate.
Even if it means magically disguising herself as a boy and indebting herself to a gang of criminals to pay for University tuition.
With the coppers after her, the pressure of trying to keep her spot in the devilishly competitive magic classes, and the gang calling in favors to repay her debts, Siobhan will need every drop of magic she can channel.
It is currently available on Amazon, Barnes&Noble, and iBooks.
Get your copy now for 40% off!: https://books2read.com/u/m0wPEl
More stores (and the paperback!) will be coming soon, and for those of you who are interested in audio, I will be starting the search for a narrator as soon as the final book in the Seeds of Chaos series is completed.
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Gods of Ash and Amber Pre-Release Audio Chapters

Hey guys!

I’ve been getting a lot of questions about the audiobook for the final Seeds of Chaos book. I’ve got good, bad, and more good news.

Good news #1: It’s in production! Natalie has the book and is working on it.

Bad news: Due to some unavoidable life issues Natalie’s been facing, recording has been slowed.

Good news #2: For those of you who are eager to listen now rather than wait until the whole audiobook is available for purchase, patrons at the $5 (Journeyman) tier can listen along as chapters are completed.

We hope to finish at least 2 chapters per week, and likely more than that.

Once the book is completed and live on Audible/iTunes, anyone who has contributed a lifetime amount of $15 or more will get a free Audible download code for the finalized audiobook. We’re not sure exactly when it’ll be available for regular purchase, but I’m hoping February or March.

Click here to become a patron: https://www.patreon.com/azaleaellis

Go here to listen to all current chapters: https://www.azaleaellis.com/audiobbooks/listen-to-gods-of-ash-and-amber/

You’ll need to be logged in as a patron to access that page.

Hopefully this will tide over those of you who’ve been waiting to experience the ending!

As always, Happy Reading!


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Typo Hunting Team Recruitment

Hey guys!

I just got the completed first novel in the Practical Guide to Sorcery series back from my awesome line editor. We’ve made some changes made here and there. Mostly prose, but also some minor alterations to the story. “A Conjuring of Ravens” is going to be published around the end of January. (No pre-order links yet.)

If any of you are interested in reading a pre-release version of this book (Chapters 1-37, plus a prologue) before it’s officially available, I am looking to put together a Typo Hunting Team. This story has already been gone over several times, but inevitably things slip through the cracks, or mistakes are created while editing or tweaking other things. I want to get more sharp eyeballs on it.

Those of you who are interested can sign up here: https://landing.mailerlite.com/webforms/landing/a1y2t4

As a thank you, people who join the team and complete the assignment will be getting a paperback copy of the published book, a signed bookplate sticker (it goes in the front of your book just like an author signature), and a $20 e-gift card to the bookstore of your choice. 

Let me know if you have any questions! 

As always, Happy Reading!


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