Prologue 0.1 – Transfer Paperwork (Book 3 Start)

Many of the characters in this chapter have already made an appearance in the Patreon-exclusive short story, Thaddeus Interlude – Codename: Moonsable

Set after Book 2’s “Sirens” chapter, Thaddeus plans to introduce the second exercise of the term to his Intro to Practical Will-based Casting students. But when the rogue magic sirens go off, he is called away to deal with the particularly fascinating source of the turmoil. 

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Beneath hundreds of meters of white stone, in a small room carved into the most secret of places and illuminated only by light crystals, stood four people. To the left side of the doorway, a human woman sidled a little closer to her male companion. On the right side, their boots still muddy, waited one man with ginger-orange hair another other with a pair of furry tails. All four wore the red shield symbol of their order and held a clipboard, the paperwork already filled out and checked over.

In front of the quartet, atop a wheeled dolly, sat two large rectangular iron cases. They were both innocent but coffin-like, the source of an unnamed dread.

The woman cleared her throat. “These are the ones you’re here for,” she said somewhat unnecessarily, breaking the ominous silence.

The red-haired man looked the cases over, humming thoughtfully. “Two in such a short period. It must have been quite an eventful time for you, Agent Fike.”

The woman sighed. “Well, you know how it is in a big city, Selby.”

Her companion nodded adamantly. “Some sorceress calling herself the Raven Queen has been going around making trouble. I still think we should try to do something about her.” His voice was loud, echoing off the smooth walls of the small room. He didn’t seem to notice his mistake until the others all winced and turned to look at one of the iron cases. Face paling, he took a large step back, eyeing it warily.

When nothing happened, the twin-tailed man asked, “Blood magic?” his soft voice carrying a faint accent hinting at faraway lands.

The loud man nodded, then shook his head. “Well, yes, but nothing egregious. No slaughter rituals. No murders at all, actually. It’s the strangeness of it all, the rumors, the whispers.”

“Nightmare-type?” the red-headed Agent Selby asked.

Agent Fike shook her head before the loud one could respond, giving him a long-suffering look. “No. Agent Berg here is just a little too susceptible to rumors. She’s a flashy free-casting sorcerer who likes to play games of cat and mouse. She’s a bit of a fantastical, romantic figure to the commoners, and the stories have been getting wild.” She turned to Agent Berg, crossing her arms. “Not every frightening incident in the night is caused by an Aberrant.”

Agent Berg frowned down at her. “Letting a threat go unchecked because of negligence could lead to unnecessary deaths, or even more Aberrants. We should be investigating and suppressing every possible threat to our world, as we vowed.”

Agent Selby let out a single sharp laugh, raising an eyebrow as he shared a look with his fluffy-tailed companion. “A bit of a fresh-oathed newbie, huh?”

Agent Berg’s frown grew darker, but Selby waved a hand before he could retort. “Look, kid, that’s a noble idea, but there aren’t enough of us to go patrolling around every dark alley and responding to every peasant report of evil creatures curdling their cow’s milk in the teat. We have processes in place to catch the real threats. Even if you only focus on those, they will be more than sufficient to keep you busy. And with that said, let’s make this quick. Agent Marcurio have to get back to our base and then to a little village outside Paneth in less than a week.”

Agent Berg nodded, but muttered to Agent Fike, “You can’t tell me she didn’t have something to do with that one.” He gestured to the iron case they’d been so wary of earlier.

Fike rolled her eyes, but didn’t deign to respond aloud.

Agent Selby stepped up to the other case, looking through the paperwork on his clipboard. “This one is of particular interest. I heard there were multiple requests for it.”

Agent Berg shuddered. “To be honest, it disturbs me. Unnatural, for one of them to act like that. I’m looking forward to having it gone.”

Agent Marcurio’s lips twisted in a wry smile, his tails undulating in the air like fluffy snakes. “Its strangeness makes it all the more interesting, I’m sure.”

Berg looked away uncomfortably.

Selby reached out to touch the second case, but snatched his hand back, rubbing his fingertips together with morbid fascination. “This is the new one?”

Agent Berg nodded, forgetting his earlier attempt at volume control as he boasted, “I handled the after-care myself.”

Agent Fike raised an unimpressed eyebrow. “His first time.”

The other three snickered at the double entendre, but quickly sobered. “I heard your Captain—Goldfisch, was it?—wanted to keep this one, but that’s against policy,” Selby said. “It’s too risky to keep them locally. Your base can requisition something similar and less likely to be recognized from elsewhere.” He took the handle of the dolly and maneuvered it out of the room, the other three following behind as he pushed the two heavy iron cases down the hallway.

Agent Marcurio’s eyebrows were high, and after a couple seconds of silence, he seemed unable to restrain himself. “Captain Goldfisch? Is that really his name?” he asked, his voice thick with amusement.

“Don’t joke about that in his presence if you want to live,” Agent Fike warned.

“And don’t mention anything about us being lucky to have Thaddeus Lacer stationed in the city, either,” Agent Berg piped up, his voice growing even louder with obvious resentment and echoing down the hallway.

“Thaddeus Lacer?” Marcurio asked. “Is he here? Could I meet him?”

Agent Fike lifted a hand to curb the man’s sudden enthusiasm. “He’s not here. He’s assigned at the Thaumaturgic University…and not particularly happy with our team at the moment. I wouldn’t advise trying to get an autograph or anything during this visit. Even at the best of times, he can be disagreeable.”

Berg let out a mournful sigh. “I know, it’s the best.”

Agent Selby sent Berg an incredulous look over his shoulder, still pushing the dolly. “Is there enmity between the Goldfisch and Lacer?” he asked, looking to Fike.

Marcurio also focused on her with avid interest, his fluffy tails swishing back and forth eagerly.

She shrugged. “They have a history, I guess. I’m not sure about the details, but the captain openly dislikes him. He’s said some stuff about Lacer caring more about his search for power than the methods he takes to obtain it. Then he likes to segue into a long denunciation of former Red Guard members who forgot or misinterpreted their oaths, and the disasters they caused in their pursuit of secrets and power better left alone.”

Berg nodded. “He goes on and on. One time I pretended to have diarrhea just so I could hide out in the bathrooms to get away from him.”

The fluffy tails drooped. “Ah. Goldfisch is one of those, huh?” Marcurio shared a commiserating look with Agent Selby.

Berg clapped Marcurio on the shoulder. “He is. But that’s not the reason Special Agent Lacer is upset with our team at the moment. No, that’s all Agent Vernor’s fault. You see, Thaddeus Lacer has finally taken an apprentice.”

“Really? But I heard he wouldn’t even take the High Crown’s heir as an apprentice! Who did he choose?”

Berg let out a wistful sigh, then began to rhapsodize. “I heard the boy has silver hair and looks like a little lordling. I didn’t get to meet him, myself. Supposedly, he’s not even a noble, but…” Berg continued on, basking in the rapt attention of the visiting agents as he segued into the various fantastical stories he’d collected about Thaddeus Lacer’s time at the University. Notably, how the irritable professor had almost stolen the powerful familiar of a visiting witch, who found him more appealing than its contracted master.

The agents lost their initial unease and wariness as they listened, the two iron cases all but forgotten as they loaded them into reinforced wagons to be transported away.

Confined within the first, which was as bright as daylight on the inside, huddled a twisted, ugly form. Its whimpers and hoarse, broken sobs were inaudible through the thick metal.

The being within the other case had been pruned like an overgrown bush or tenacious weed so that it would fit inside the container. Its iron coffin had been meticulously crafted and spelled for better containment, so that not even a hair-thin seam remained anywhere. The thing inside still needed to breathe, so they had given it an air-refreshing artifact, but that was all. The iron hummed softly, almost imperceptibly.

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