Patreon Special Offer: Dec 23 – Jan 13

Heya everyone! I’m running a Patreon Special Offer (extra rewards for a limited time) to celebrate the launch of the second book in A Practical Guide to Sorcery, A Binding of Blood! This offer is available for only three weeks, through January 13.

All pledges at $7 or more will receive:

  • a faux-celerium Conduit keychain (in our world it’s known as raw quartz)
  • a signed bookplate sticker I designed for this story. The bookplate sticker is meant to go inside the book, but you can do whatever you want with it.
  • This level also includes early access to the next 3-4 chapters of the story, which will soon be getting into Book 3, A Sacrifice of Light, plus all the illustrated excerpts from Siobhan’s grimoire. 

Pledges at $25 or more will also receive:

  • a paperback copy of books 1 & 2, with a personalized message on the first page
  • an Audible copy of A Conjuring of Ravens. (Redeemable only by US or UK Audible accounts)
  • includes all the previous rewards, too!

Pledges at $75 get everything:

  • a 20oz mug with Siobhan’s illustration on one side, melting into Sebastien’s on the other. Plenty of room for whatever wakefulness brew you prefer.
  • 16×20″ posters of the original PGTS book covers, which have now been replaced. They are printed with metallic paper and have an almost mesmerizing depth/glimmer.
  • This tier also inlcudes the option to work with me putting a spell, creature, or character of your design into the story. (Must follow rules of magic and physics, in-universe. Inserted spell, creature, person, etc. may or may not be significant to the plot. Warning: side character insertions likely to die horrible deaths.)
  • And all the previous rewards. Seize EVERYTHING! ULTIMATE POWER!

**If you would like some of the rewards for your tier and not others, you can pick and choose. Don’t have room for more paperback books in your house? You can get an ebook version instead. Just want to support me and the story but don’t want any of the special rewards? That’s fine too.

My goal here is to reach the 100 patrons milestone. When we reach that point, I will post a whole week of daily chapters, which equates to 6 bonus chapters.

If we hit 125 total patrons by Jan. 13th, I will write a bonus omake short story about a cannon-fodder University character who keeps trying to sabotage/harm Sebastien, but Sebastien obliviously avoids and/or reflects all consequences without even realizing what’s happened

If we somehow hit 150 total patrons, I will write a second bonus omake chapter about a topic that all patrons can vote on, and I will increase the exclusive advance Patreon chapters to 5 ahead.

What if I only pledge at $ 7+ for one month, then stop?
You will still get the rewards for whatever tier you pledged at, as well as my thanks for your support. When that month is up, you will simply lose access to the normal rewards–like advance chapters and grimoire excerpts.

What if I pledge at less than $7?
I won’t be able to send you any of the bonus physical gifts, but you will still get access to whatever rewards are available at the tier you choose, and you still get my sincere gratitude. Plus, if we get to the goal milestones, while you may not get early access to chapters, you’ll still to read a new chapter ever day, and access to the omake short stories! Patrons can be at any level–they do not need to be at $7 or above.

I’m already a Patron, what about me?
You’re set to get whatever rewards are available at your tier without doing anything, just make sure I have your correct mailing address! If you’re below the level for physical goods like the personalized paperbacks, and you would like to get them, you’ll need to upgrade your tier before the 13th.

I live outside the US. Can I still get the physical rewards?
Everything at the $25 tier and below is no problem to ship to pretty much any country, including the UK, most of Europe, Australia, etc. If you live outside the US and pick the $75 tier, I’ll request that you cover shipping yourself.

Do you guys have any questions? Just ask in the comments, or shoot me an email. 

If you know others who might be interested in this, let them know! More patrons–at any level–means a better chance for those goal milestone rewards.

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