New Grimoire Page & Schedule Announcement

I’ve got a new illustrated Grimoire excerpt over on Patreon. It’s Siobhan’s class schedule plus some information about sky kraken. Patrons at any level can access it.

In other news, there will be a temporary slowdown in the chapter posting schedule. (NOT a hiatus.)

I have written the first 70k words or so of Book 3, but I’m not happy with it currently and it needs some significant revision. This always happens, even though I plot out my books heavily beforehand, which is why I try to stay far enough ahead of what’s being serialized that I can go back to earlier chapters and fix stuff before it’s out in the world.

I’m not far enough ahead right now, and I am a slow writer.

So while I fix up what’s been written, add new content where necessary, and plow further into Book 3, I’m going to temporarily reduce the posting frequency of new chapters. Next week there will still be a new chapter, like normal. After that, until the end of March, there will be a 1 to 2 week break between new chapters. I’ll make the date of the next chapter clear each time.

Instead, I’ll be putting out multiple illustrated excerpts from Siobhan’s grimoire. I’ve always planned to do more of these, but I haven’t had enough time to do the illustrations. While I was reviewing the audio files for A Conjuring of Ravens, I had many hours where I couldn’t be writing or doing other text-focused tasks which I used to do a lot of little illustrations for the books. Putting together Grimoire excerpts using them won’t take me much extra time and will still let patrons get some fun new content to tide you over.

I have a Lore document with about 80k words of “non-fiction” entries about the people and the world, which I use to keep things straight so I don’t end up contradicting myself. There’s plenty of possible content.

This won’t affect any of the Patreon goal rewards. I’ve got enough chapters ready to go that I can afford some extra releases, and I’ve been slowly prepping the ideas to write that bonus short story. If/when we hit the goals, I’ll just have to put in some really long days to stay ahead/increase my lead.

In April, releases will be back to normal. As I post new chapters, I will be keeping you guys updated on what I’m up to and how much progress I’m making.


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