Chapter 78 – A Sacrifice of Light

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SebastienMonth 1, Day 18, Monday 5:00 a.m.Sebastien got back to the University before the sun rose. Most of the students were asleep, but a good number were still up, likely...
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  1. Did you finalize a new cover for book 2? Who’s it supposed to be?

    Also enjoying the dark mode theme!

    1. I illustrated a temporary cover for A Binding of Blood. I’ve got a professional cover option from an actual cover designer for A Conjuring of Ravens on the way. I’ll be testing to see if my own covers or the professional ones perform better, so who knows if it’ll end up being the actual cover of the book. It’s Sebastien.

      Hope the dark mode helps save your eyeballs from being seared, especially at night time!

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