Chapter 58 – The Constitution of Cockroaches

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SebastienMonth 12, Day 18, Friday 12:30 a.m.Sebastien had trouble getting back to sleep after Professor Lacer’s impromptu nighttime visit, despite her exhaustion. She had left Professor Lacer’s house with Damien,...
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  1. I really liked the moment with the sprites at the end. Nice character moment!

    Also the hyperlinking for the previous chapter seems broken. Previous chapter links to 56 and 57 has no links

  2. Thanks, Satya! I was worried people would find it too meander-ey or lacking in plot content, but once I started writing that scene it just blew out of proportion. (Which often happens to me, and is why my books are so long.)

    Something is always breaking! I’ll go check the chapter linking function out and see if I can figure out what happened. Thanks for pointing this out because I don’t navigate with those and wouldn’t have noticed myself.

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