Chapter 116 – Operation Defenestration

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SebastienMonth 2, Day 20, Saturday 8:00 p.m.One week after her day of spellcasting with Liza, Sebastien huddled outside in the biting cold of the evening, shivering her ass off for...
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18 days ago

Will I curse them if I say that all went well?

17 days ago
Reply to  Hibou

we haven’t seen them leave yet…

15 days ago
Reply to  vee

okay, I thought about this more, and there’s no way the heist goes this smooth. s is too unlucky for that. prediction:

alec leaves the party/dinner while everyone’s fighting (i really hope we get some idea of what goes on during ana’s side of things!) and catches s/d leaving. not sure what happens next, but that probably becomes its own little subplot.

more typos:
a gentle light shone one the -> shone on
back when she had only had one identity -> one of the ‘had’s are unneeded

17 days ago

Siobhan Naught was supposed to marry either Alec, or Randolph’s son Robbie

I wonder how S’ relationships would’ve changed if she got caught pre-entrance test and was forced to take this offer? I can’t really imagine her being friends with Damien. It’s a tossup if she would be friends with Ana; they might eventually bond over how awful the Gervin family is, or S might absolutely despise everything related to the Gervins and further isolate herself…

 held up coin -> the coin
in a shadow -> in the shadow
she picked up the ring box and put it back in the vault -> not a typo, but possible continuity error – damien hasn’t moved the ring
of her Will—which she warned Damien of first, she -> needs another dash

13 days ago
Reply to  Azalea Ellis

oops, just a mistake in reading comphrension. I keep thinking this line

He reached out as if to touch it with his finger, then thought better of it.

is referring to the box/not the ring, but it is clear it’s not, and youre right, there’s no continuity error.

14 days ago

That was exciting!