Chapter 110 – Hidden Daggers

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SebastienMonth 2, Day 7, Sunday 12:00 p.m.When Sebastien returned from the kitchen with a second cup of coffee—properly filtered—she joined him on the couch. “So what is this other thing...
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13 days ago

Don’t look so worried! I told her I wouldn’t even entertain the idea of betrayal.

If we didn’t get Oliver’s perspective chapter a statement like this would 100% make me think he’s trying to sell her out, no matter the reasons otherwise lmao

Oliver’s grin widened, curling a little too far into his cheeks with excitement. He held up a hand to cover his face.

what the hell this is so cute

The thought crossed her mind that it would be a good chance to visit Newton’s family

whew! ngl… it’s a bit fucked up it took so long.

Typos: they looked almost almost -> two almosts