I guess if you’re here, that means you’re curious about me, probably because you just read one of my books. Muahahaha. All part of my evil, world-domination plan.

I’m the type of person that often has a wacky, shocking, or silly–but totally true–story to tell about my life.

(Like the time my brother and I were chased through a secluded strip of woods in the middle of the city, for over a mile, by a naked man with an erection.)

(Or the time a trucker threw an open bottle of pee out his passenger side window without looking right as I was walking by. You can guess what I got splashed with.)

I’ve got an active imagination that tends toward the outrageous and the macabre, which led to me being voted “most likely to borrow someone else’s car to transport a dead body.”

I write books about things that interest and excite me. I’m always in the middle of teaching myself something new, and if I’m not overwhelmingly busy I tend to get antsy. I believe that the impossible is only so if we believe it to be so. Therefore, nothing is impossible.

If you’d like to get updates from me, both about my books and about what I’m up to from time to time, the newsletter is the place to be, as I tend to be very scarce on other social media. You can also get ahold of me directly, via the info on the Contact page.

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  1. Hey Hey, I just met tou at James’ parents house ????
    Thinkin’ I’ll check out your mind shares!! Looking forward to it.
    Much fun chatting with you.

    1. Hey Hey Just chatted with you at Greg & Marlene’s.
      A positive enjoyable time! As is all times I’ve spent with the Deveraux’s, their family and friends. Very Special friends.
      Thinkin’ im gonna take an adventure in one of your books. Am just finishing a very serious boik, so can use a break. Hidden Girl by Shyima Hall. A very good true story, about modern-day child slavery. The only reason I could get through it was knowing she was freed and able to write the book. Rather fascinating.

      Am thankful I was able to chat and laugh with you this evening!
      Looking forward to checking out your books ????

      Hope to see you again. Shalom

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