Fan Illustrations

Artist: Panala1234 (find her on Instagram)
Depicts: “Sebastien wearing noble clothes. I wasn’t really sure what the clothing looked like, so I based it of Norwegian traditional clothes (Bunad).”

Title: The Shadow Familiar
Artist: Erik Engelhardt
Comments: “I liked the contrast between sharp edges and misty feathers here. I also think it hits a good midpoint between bird, monster and shadows. Like a shadow monster that kinda understood the idea of how a raven looks but didn’t quite get it right. “

Title: The Domain of the Raven Queen
Artist: Erik Engelhardt
Depicts: “I was trying to make the shadow familiar here, but I think it ended up more like the raven queen.”
Comments: “I mainly like this one because the branches look like nursery mobiles which seems very fitting given that she helped the kid to sleep.”

Title: Nightmares of the Shadow Familiar
Artist: Erik Engelhardt
Depicts: “What the totally real and totally deadly shadow familiar might have looked like in the nightmares of its victims.”

Title: The Raven Queen Approaches
Artist: Erik Engelhardt
Depicts: “Stay inside kids, else the Raven Queens gonna get ya!”
Comments: “I like the ghostly ambience in this, and especially that I managed to get it to draw buildings without _only_ drawing buildings.”

Title: The Raven Queen
Artist: Erik Engelhardt
Comments: “And best for last! I was really happy with how this one turned out. The quality, the atmosphere, the slight movement, so good. I especially like the mask. It looks inspired by ravens without looking goofy, and I feel like it really works with the mysterious and inhuman vibe that the Raven Queen gives people. She does look more adult than how I imagine Siobhan though so I guess we can pretend this is an artists rendition from an unreliable witnesses 😛 “

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