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Barb Hix
Barb Hix
5 years ago

I was reading your remarks on your last email (12/12/16) regarding how you read a lot and wanted to share an author that I found after I read GOBB. GOBB was the 1st of IVRMMORPG genre I had read – yours isn’t close to the Russian LitRpg, which I don’t really care for, it has just the right blend of gaming and RL. Thomas K Carpenter is an author I found that has a 3 book series that I loved called Gamers, Frags and Coders (they are in an omnibus). Not as much of it is actually set in an online setting as your’s is, but it is a high tech future world and the story really draws you in. Just thought I would share…..but don’t let it get in the way of finishing GORR!!!!! Girl, I’m looking forward to going back and reading GOBB again and then diving into GORR when it is finished.