Patreon Third Goal Reached – Bonus Chapters & Omake Story

We’ve reached the third Patreon goal, woot woot! Thank you very much.

This means that I’ll be posting 2 bonus chapters over the next week, as well as writing a bonus omake short story, which my patrons are voting on. 

If you would like to vote on the short story, you can do so as a patron at any level, or write-in your own ideas. Here’s the link to the poll:

The omake will take some time to get everyone’s votes, and then for me to plot it out and write it, so I estimate it will be finished sometime around the beginning of October. It will likely be exclusive to patrons for at least a little while, as a thank you for supporting me.

I came up with some ideas for side content that are really fun; I want to write all of them! The further this story progresses, the more ideas I have for extra content that I just can’t fit into the main story.

Anyway, that’s all for now. Thanks again for supporting this story, guys.

As always, happy reading.


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