Patreon 250 Goal Reached – Bonus Chapters and Omake Story

Hey guys! 

It looks like we have reached the 250-patron goal, which means various rewards are in order. I know many of you have been looking forward to this, so I hope you’re excited! 

To start with, I’ll be posting 6 bonus chapters for patrons, enough for 7 days of daily posts. You can expect the first bonus chapter tomorrow evening (11/30), around 5:30pm MT. All non-patrons will get 5 bonus chapters, ending the week with the Patreon 5 chapters ahead instead of 4, which will be the state of things going forward. 

With this, the Patreon will be quickly approaching the end of Book 3!

Secondly, I now also owe you guys an omake chapter/short story. We’re going to hold a vote on what I will write about.

If you have any fun ideas, or anything you would particularly like to see, please make mention of it in the comments section below. If you come up with an idea that I have inspiration for, think I could write in the frame of a short story, and which doesn’t otherwise derail my plot by spoiling something important, I’ll add it to the poll for everyone to vote on. I’ve already got a few ideas but I want to write what people want to see most.

Specificity helps. “Thaddeus’s POV of the [faculty meeting to discuss student performance] and it would be extra funny if one of the other professors was coming on to him. Bonus points if that other professor is Pecanty,” is great and easy to draw inspiration from. “Something from Thaddeus’s POV” is less useful. 

The poll will go up on Thursday, 12/1, and will stay up for about a week so all patrons have a chance to contribute.

Happy reading guys,


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