Gods of Myth and Midnight Ebook Available

Gods of Myth and Midnight has been released, and is available for purchase on Amazon, or to borrow through Kindle Unlimited.

It’s the longest book I’ve ever written, coming in at over 600 pages (184,000 words). You can see the size of the printed manuscript below. In my opinion, it’s also the best book I’ve written so far. (Sorry for the poor image quality–my phone is ancient and so is its camera.)


Despite its length, it’s taken me less time than the previous two books to write, which means I’m getting faster. That’s very exciting to me, because it means I can write MORE BOOKS!


My name is Eve Redding. I accidentally initiated the apocalypse.

Earth had just been plunged into interplanetary war with a far superior alien race. Half my teammates had the Sickness, a disease with no known cure, which drove you crazy as it killed you. I was being blackmailed into doing nothing about either issue by a queen who was afraid of my power and didn’t believe in the prophecy of the gods.

With basically no idea what I was doing, I set out to fix everything I’d broken.

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For those of you interested in the paperback, I’m working on getting that set up. It’s a bit of a process, since things need to be perfectly formatted both on the inside and with the cover (spine width, text placement, etc.) I have to receive the proof copy by mail, and once I’m satisfied that everything looks right, it will go live in the store a few days later. I estimate you should be able to buy it in about 2 weeks.

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