Gods of Blood and Bone Poster Giveaway

Last week, the people on my newsletter got a chance to get one of these posters. They get first chance at things like this, but I did save a couple for the rest of you. I’m giving away two more Gods of Blood and Bone posters, as a thank you to everyone who’s been waiting so long for Seeds of Chaos Book II: Gods of Rust and Ruin.

GOBB Poster

They’re printed on beautiful metallic paper, and they almost shimmer in the light. They are 10 inches tall, and 23 inches wide.

I’ll be giving them away randomly to two of the people who respond to this post, or email me directly at author@azaleaellis.com. If you want one, just let me know.

Now, for the news everyone is most interested in. Gods of Rust and Ruin (yep, I changed the working title) is coming, very, very soon. The newsletter gets the announcement first, but if you’re not subscribed to it, keep an eye here for the release date. I’ll be posting again soon.

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4 years ago

Just got the newsletter and I can’t wait for the release, definitely be getting it as soon as it’s out. Can’t wait to see what adventures and horrors Eve will face.

Would love to have one of the offered poster to hang up in my room, curious to see how the metallic paper looks like I don’t think I’ve seen a poster with it before.

Wanted to send this email while logged in to the site but for some reason it won’t allow me to, :/

4 years ago

I’m really interested in one of the posters, I hope it’s not to late.
I don’t know why but for some reason I haven’t been added to the newsletter, even though I subscribed to it.
Can’t wait for the book, since Gods of blood and bone was one of the best books I have read, so the last year of waiting has been torture.