Gods of Ash and Amber Audio Live + Free Codes

Hey guys!

After a long wait, the audio of Seeds of Chaos Book 4 is finally complete and up in stores. Many of you have been following along as audio chapters were finished and posted on a locked page of my website. 

Every patron who has contributed $15 or more is being offered a free Audible code to download their own copy. If you haven’t gotten yours already, (via Patreon PM) it should be coming soon. I can only get 25 codes at a time from Audible, and others need to redeem their codes before I can generate more. (I’ve been going in order of lifetime support amount.)

On that note, if you haven’t redeemed your code, do so quickly because codes that are not redeemed WILL be given to others, and eventually I will run out of codes completely. (If you missed redeeming your code, email or PM me as I might still have some left.)

If you want to try out the series from the beginning, you can do so here: 

Audible: http://hyperurl.co/ik2cs1

Amazon: https://amzn.to/3CrKAvZ

iBooks: https://books.apple.com/us/author/azalea-ellis/id1432984006?mt=3

My next step is to get A Practical Guide to Sorcery into audio, and I’ll be looking for a narrator for that this week. If the timing works out, and people are interested, I’m considering serializing chapters of the PGTS audio as they are completed, for patrons only. 

Thanks to all of you who have supported the production of my stories! It’s fantastic to have the whole Seeds of Chaos series in audio now, so people who prefer that format can binge-listen all the way through. 

As always, 

Happy Reading,



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