News: Preorder Delay (and last chance to grab Seeds of Chaos in Kindle Unlimited)

Hey guys,

I have two pieces of news for you today.

The first is much lighter: My Seeds of Chaos series will be leaving Kindle Unlimited on Friday, September 8.

If you’d like to read those books in the program, you can borrow them now and read them at any point in the future, even once they’re no longer actively in KU.

Once they’re gone, I’m not sure that I’ll ever be putting them back in, so this could be your last chance to borrow them from Amazon.

(In the future, you’ll be able to borrow them from libraries instead.)

The second piece of news: I am pushing the preorder/release date for A Practical Guide to Sorcery Book IV: A Foreboding of Woe out until February 20th. This is 60 days after the initial planned release date. I’ve already spoken to Amazon and gotten their “okay.”

I’ve had to do this due to three different reasons. Some of you who read my emails may remember that at the beginning of the year, I went through a period of a few months of super low energy. During that time I only did about half the work that I normally get done. Enough to maintain, but no more.

Except, it’s probably no surprise that I actually needed to be working at full capacity during those months. Approximately 6-8 weeks of lost productivity is not so easy to make up.

I’ve been working really, really hard to catch up on everything. I’m GOOD at working hard. I have been getting a ton done.

I’m on track for this to be my highest-wordcount year ever.

Buuut… A Foreboding of Woe is turning out to be really long. Longer than anticipated.

When I set 2023’s preorders at the end of 2022, I built leeway into the schedule for something to go wrong, but really only ONE thing.

So I’ve been really feeling the squeeze. I could still probably get everything done on time, but it would need to be “full speed ahead, no stumbling, no detours.”

And then yesterday, my father died.

So I’m stepping back and making some adjustments to the plan, because there’s no way I won’t be slowing down, stumbling, taking some time away from writing.

I’m sure many of you will be worried for me when you read this, so let me say thank you in advance for your concern. I appreciate all of your support.

I am doing okay, and I will be okay. Truly.

In addition to the preorder delay, it’s possible I’ll miss posting the weekly chapter of one or both of my stories a couple times this month.

If you’ve preordered A Foreboding of Woe on Amazon, you might get a couple of emails from them mentioning multiple different preorder dates, because it can only be adjusted 30 days at a time.

And it’s pretty frequent for adjustments to cause mysterious glitches, so let’s cross our fingers that things don’t all fall through at the last minute and get all the preorders dropped. (It’s happened before.)

(The Catastrophe Collector Book 1: Larva is still coming out on October 25th, though the audiobook may be delayed a bit longer.)

And that’s all for today.

Thank you for supporting me (metaphorically and literally!) and the stories I write. 🙂


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