A Binding of Blood Audiobook In Production

I know many of my audiobook lovers have been looking forward to getting A Practical Guide to Sorcery Book 2. It is in production!

The talented and skilled Gabrielle de Cuir is again working on this book, and tells me she should be finished with the initial recording in early July.

What does this mean? Well I still have to review the audio, they have to make any necessary tweaks or changes, and then after it is submitted for publication it has to go through the back-end QC review before finally being available for sale. That whole process generally takes about a month, so you can expect the audiobook to be available in stores (Amazon, iBooks, and Audible) in late July or early August.

HOWEVER, as a bonus to my patrons, A Binding of Blood’s pre-release version is going to go up temporarily on Patreon, meaning anyone who’s interested in getting early access can get the 19-hour audiobook a few weeks to one month early.

Did I mention that includes the 1-hour short story audiobook set during A Binding of Blood, entitled Codename: Moonsable that she also just recorded? That short story is not available at all outside the Patreon, in any format.

I’ve got more bonus content planned, and if people enjoy it, I’ll keep getting it produced in audio, too.

And here’s the audio version covers:

I’ve got other stuff going on, like an upcoming re-cover of my Seeds of Chaos series with some really cool illustrations.

I’m also drawing near to the end of A Sacrifice Of Light’s first draft, which I know I’ve been mentioning here and there for a while, but I’m getting really close to the end now.

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Back to the ink mines for me.

Happy Reading,


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