A Binding of Blood Audiobook In Production

I know many of my audiobook lovers have been looking forward to getting A Practical Guide to Sorcery Book 2. It is in production!The talented and skilled Gabrielle de Cuir is again working on this book, and tells me she should be finished with the initial recording in early July.What does this mean? Well I still have to review the audio, they have to make any necessary tweaks or changes, and then after it is submitted for publication it has to go through the back-end QC review before finally being available for sale. That whole process generally takes about a month, so you can expect the audiobook to be available in stores (Amazon, iBooks, and Audible) in late July or early August.HOWEVER, as a bonus to my patrons, A Binding of Blood's pre-release version is going to go up temporarily on Patreon, meaning anyone who's interested in getting early access can get the 19-hour audiobook a few weeks to one month early.Did I mention that includes the 1-hour short story audiobook set during A Binding of Blood, entitled Codename: Moonsable that she also just recorded? That short story is not available at all outside the Patreon, in any format.I've got more bonus content planned, and if people enjoy it, I'll keep getting it produced in audio, too.And here's the audio version covers: I've got other stuff going on, like an upcoming re-cover of my Seeds of Chaos series with some really cool illustrations. I'm also drawing near to the end of A Sacrifice Of Light's first draft, which I know I've been mentioning here and there for a while, but I'm getting really close to the end now.If you want to hear about the latest new before anyone else, get on that Inner Circle newsletter.Back to the ink mines for…

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Chapter 111 – Cunning and Craft

DamienMonth 2, Day 8, Monday 10:30 a.m.Damien returned from a wonderful weekend visit to Westbay Manor—wonderful mostly because his father had been away, leaving just Titus and the servants—barely in time to make it to his Monday morning class. Damien brought back with him three things: news about the latest developments on the Raven Queen’s case, delicious treats, and a terrible secret.As they went through their classes, Damien watched Sebastien with more care than normal, trying not to be obvious about his revived scrutiny. Despite the shock of the knowledge Damien now bore, he reassured himself that the secret was only new to him. Sebastien had been dealing with it all along, unable to talk about it, but seemed to be improving, if anything. His stint of working every spare moment to try and bury the pain of what had happened to Newton seemed to have passed, and he and Ana had worked out their argument while Damien was gone. Sebastien was still jittery, though—probably drinking too much wakefulness brew to combat his chronic sleep deprivation.Damien had tried to tell Ana that she should give Sebastien some slack, because it was normal for someone to be a little emotionally unstable after a traumatic experience. But though Ana had seemed subdued by this reminder, she had remained too stubborn to reach out first.Damien waved for his friends to linger as Introduction to Modern Magics let out, retrieving the parcel filled with desserts wrapped in wax paper and handing them out. He gave an extra one to Sebastien, hoping they would spark his appetite, and then was forced to give an extra to all his other friends as well when they complained at his unfair treatment. “I have news,” Damien told them in a hushed tone, his excitement somewhat exaggerated to cover…

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Chapter 110 – Hidden Daggers

SebastienMonth 2, Day 7, Sunday 12:00 p.m.When Sebastien returned from the kitchen with a second cup of coffee—properly filtered—she joined him on the couch. “So what is this other thing we need to discuss?”Oliver took a deep gulp from the steaming mug, letting out an exaggerated sigh of relief. “I met with Tanya Canelo yesterday. She was sent to negotiate on behalf of Munchworth and his associates.”Sebastien paused, halfway through a bite of her toast. “What happened?”“We agreed that the Verdant Stag would continue supplying them in place of the Morrows, but the important part is that she asked about the stolen book, and about you.”She swallowed heavily. “And what did you tell her?”Oliver placed a hand on Sebastien’s shoulder, his hand warm through her shirt. “Don’t look so worried! I told her I wouldn’t even entertain the idea of betrayal. But then Miss Canelo suggested something that…might be worth considering. The University wants to set up a meeting with you—well, with the Raven Queen. They’re willing to pay for your presence with a tribute, just like Lord Lynwood did.”A sour ball of anxiety formed in Sebastien’s stomach. “What do they want to meet with the Raven Queen for? Do you think they can be trusted?”“I imagine they’re hoping to negotiate with her for the book. But no, I don’t think they can be trusted. Just as likely they’re hoping to take what they want through force and betrayal. Setting up the meeting was the secondary suggestion, after all. But if we could ensure your safety while still gaining the tribute, it might be worth it for the chance that you can gain something while losing nothing. It would also make me seem more influential and amenable. Though I would caution you against giving up the book, no matter what…

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Chapter 109 – Hard Bargains

SebastienMonth 2, Day 7, Sunday 8:00 a.m.Finding a reference book for basic negotiation tactics in the library was easy. The more Sebastien read of it, however, the more she realized how right Ana was. She shouldn’t have accepted fifty percent interest on the loan Katerin gave her. That was just ridiculous, but Sebastien had given in without even really trying to negotiate because she felt like she had no other options. And look where it had gotten her.She probably could have gotten more than seventy percent of the value of the offerings the Nightmare Pack gave her for their meeting, but she hadn’t leveraged her own value. Without her, Oliver would have had no chance at the star sapphire or the pixie eggs at all. Subconsciously, perhaps, she had let her amiable relationship with Oliver affect her judgement. He certainly hadn’t been doing the same, even if he made it seem like he was being generous.There were other, smaller incidents, but they added up.Considering how much coin she’d potentially lost herself made it hard to sleep that evening, and on Sunday morning, Sebastien looked up the cost of a well-bred Erythrean horse before heading out for Dryden Manor. She needed to know how valuable he found the Gervin’s textile industry sub-commission.Sebastien arrived early, hoping Oliver would still be there, since his schedule had been so hectic since the Morrow takeover.She found him in coming out of the kitchen with a breakfast tray.Sharon caught sight of Sebastien and tried to coax her to sit at the table with the other servants and take breakfast, but Sebastien begged off. “I have some business to discuss. If you’ll save me a little, I’ll be back down to pick it up in a few minutes.”“Oh, nonsense, Mr. Siverling.” Sharon said, waving a rag at…

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Chapter 108 – Peace Talks

Sebastien Month 2, Day 6, Saturday 4:15 p.m. After a late lunch, Sebastien sent Brinn and Waverly off to the supervised casting rooms without her, while she stopped by the dorms to pick up some books that needed to be returned to the library. She also took the time to check on the Aberrant string she’d found, which hadn’t changed in any way and was as inert as ever within its sealed vial. She returned it to its hiding spot with care. After sitting down to make all her plans about being prepared for the worst, she had viewed her decision to keep a piece on an Aberrant more critically. It had been an impulsive decision, and though she wasn’t sure exactly how things might go wrong despite what precautions she’d taken, that didn’t mean that it was a safe choice. Still, she couldn’t bear to destroy it or give it to the Red Guard. She was irrationally covetous of it. Having it within her possession, under her control, so obviously dead and helpless against her… She would not give it up. Even if she was being foolish, her mental and emotional health also had worth, and this was helping her. When Sebastien drew open the curtains to her cubicle to leave, she froze. Ana was sitting at the small desk in the cubicle across from her, leaning over an essay. It had been a short visit home, apparently. Sebastien stared at the other girl’s turned back, then took a deep breath and strode forward. She stopped in front of the door to Ana’s cubicle. “Can we speak in private?” Ana didn’t smile, but nodded. “Lead the way.” Sebastien hesitated, trying to think of a place that they wouldn’t be overheard. There would be no open private rooms in the…

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