Hey! I guess if you’re here, that means you’re curious about me, probably because you just read one of my books. 😈 All part of my evil world-domination plan.

About me? What to say?

I’m a bit of a mish-mash type girl. I have many different interests, and I’m generally very passionate about the things I enjoy. Like any other author, I read voraciously from a young age. I’d been writing on and off for years before I decided I wanted to write for a living, and started taking it more seriously.

I’m interested in things I think are cool, which range from Korean novel translations to kickboxing classes. I also draw and paint, which comes in very handy, because I can illustrate my own book covers. I’ve got a burning desire to always be doing and learning and creating more. I’ll probably die without ever satisfying that urge to completion. And I’m glad of it. That’s what keeps life interesting.

My dream is to work for myself, making a living off of whatever I want to do.