When you try to check something you’ve written for errors, it’s all too easy for your brain to read what you’ve written as intended, rather than what’s actually on the page. That’s why it’s important to have multiple sets of eyes on your book before it goes to market.

I recently picked up a book with a nice cover and an intriguing blurb. Within a few pages, I was cringing as I noticed yet another error. I really wanted to like the book. It had sounded so good before I opened its virtual cover. I read on for a few more pages, and then deleted the book in disgust. I vowed that I would never pick up another book by the same author, because such blatant disregard for the quality of their product is the same as contempt for the reader, in my opinion. I didn’t leave a bad review or send a scathing email, but that author quietly lost a reader, forever.

This could have been avoided if they simply had their book edited and proofread.


Fast. Cheap. Thorough.

Poofreading +

When I proofread your manuscript, I will search for typos, spellos, common grammar and mechanics mistakes, repeated words, and commonly misused words. It’s beyond what you’d get from a simple read-through looking for minor errors, as I can’t ignore things that stand out to me, and will make rudimentary notes on line editing I think would benefit the prose, while keeping things in your own voice.

The rate for Proofreading is $0.0025 per word. That is $2.50 every 1,000 words.

I can generally complete a 100,000 word manuscript in under one week. If Murphy’s Law has come into play, and you need an even faster rush job (1-3 days), let me know and I’ll see what I can do. I’m happy to proofread already published work as well, as some people have asked.

Proofreading is meant to be an extra set of trained, critical eyes on work that has already been edited. If there are errors on every line, or I feel that you would benefit from a copy edit/line edit before proofreading, I will stop and let you know.


Line Editing

Line Editing is a bit more in-depth review of your manuscript. It consists of all the standard things that I would do while proofreading, but with a more critical eye to prose. I do my best to respect the “voice” of your writing, while making the text shine. I search for consistency errors, confusingly worded sentences, run-on sentences, fragments, over-use of the passive voice, repetition, and make suggestions about how to take things from good to great.

The rate for Line Editing is $o.0055 per word. That is $5.50 every 1,000 words.

I can line edit a 100,000 word manuscript in two to three weeks, depending on the amount of work needed. Once again, I can rush a job, but extra charges may apply, depending on my availability.

I’m happy to do a free sample edit up to 2,000 words, so we can decide if we’re a good fit for one another, and if so which service(s) would benefit you most. I work with both nonfiction and fiction, but not technical or highly academic texts. Before starting any project, I require a chance to review at least a sample of the text, and I reserve the right to quote an exception to the stated prices, if I believe a manuscript will require an exceptional amount of work.

Contact me at editing@azaleaellis.com. Please include the length of your complete manuscript and the genre, and preferably the sample as well.


I can work with manuscripts in any format that can be opened in Word, Open Office, or Scrivener.