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I really want to make some sort of joke with the quote, “Winter is coming,” by you-know-who. (Not Voldemort.) But I’m not clever enough to pull it off, as it is currently Spring.

But you know what IS coming? “Gods of Rust and Rot.”

What I look like toward the end of a book.

What I look like toward the end of a book.

I waffled back and forth like the best kind of breakfast cake about whether to post a tentative release date for “Gods of Rust and Rot.” Because somehow things always take longer than I imagine. And I want this book to be the absolute best it can be. And Good, Fast, and Cheap can be mutually exclusive. On the other hand, you guys all seem to be really eager for the next book, and curious about when it will finally arrive. Working as hard as I can while being realistic about my abilities, I think I have a good idea.

I’m putting the finishing touches on the first draft and should be done in a few days. From there, it’s on to revision, editing, and all that other stuff you may have read me going into way too much depth about in a previous post. If you’re on my mailing list, you’ll get to see some scene snippets ahead of time, probably get a chance to voice your opinions about things I’m considering slipping into the book during second draft, a chance for ARC copies, goody giveaways, and, of course, first notification when the book is live and available to buy.

If you’re not on my mailing list, why not?! (signup box is over there →)

Anyway, I’m doing my best to hit an August deadline, but it is tentative, and by very definition subject to change.

I’m excited about “Gods of Rust and Rot,” and I hope you guys are, too!


Edited to Add: I’m just putting the finishing touches on the pre-order. Creating the cover, reviewing the text, etc. It’ll be available in a few days, and mailing list folks will have a chance to read it then, while everyone else can buy it to have it delivered directly to their kindles on release day.

30% off one Physical Book till Nov. 30th

To any of you out there that may have been wanting a physical copy of a book and putting it off because it was too expensive…now’s the time.

Amazon is offering 30% off one physical copy (not an ebook) until November 30th, 2015. I bought this:

It’s a side-story novella from one of my absolute favorite authors. His books have a much-loved place of honor on my bookshelves, both physical and electronic. Additionally, he’s an all-’round great person. Now, most of you have heard of him. If you haven’t, I’ll refrain from asking what you’ve been wasting your time on and recommend you check out his first book.

Here’s to that giddy feeling when you get a brown box in the mail and you know it’s got books inside! Are any of you taking advantage of the sale? What have you bought, or want to buy?

Gods of Blood and Bone is Available on Amazon!

As the title states, Gods of Blood and Bone (Seeds of Chaos Book 1) is live on Amazon! It’s a bargain already, but if you have a subscription to Kindle Unlimited, you can borrow and read it for free.

I started working on Gods of Blood and Bone September 16, 2013. And finally, after hundreds and hundreds of hours of work, and 22 months later, it’s complete and out in the world! There’s nothing quite like finishing a big project and being satisfied with the fruits of your labor.

I have many people to thank for this, and a few others to stick my tongue out at. (Hah! I did it!) Writing a book is way harder than people think it is. Writing a great book is way harder than that. And starting a small indie publishing company to make sure that book gets to readers the way I want is icing on my proverbial cake. But I love it.

I’m already started on the plotting of the next book, and hope to start writing it soon. Rest assured, it won’t take me 22 months to finish Seeds of Chaos Book 2. 😉 It should be a little over 6 months, in fact. If you’re worried about missing out on the new release, sign up for my newsletter. I’ll let everyone on my list know when the new book is out, and there will be some extra perks exclusive to those people, as well! **cough cough* free advance review copies *cough cough**

Thanks you guys! Now, I’m off to work on the next book.