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Thank you to everyone who’s been waiting so eagerly for the second book in the series. It’s available now in ebook format, and free through Kindle Unlimited. I hope you enjoy it!

Gods of Rust and Ruin (Seeds of Chaos Book 2)


My name is Eve Redding. They call me the godkiller.

I was dying. Slowly being destroyed by the power I had worked so hard to obtain. My team and I were trapped within NIX’s web of lies and manipulation, and even my allies couldn’t be trusted.

Deep below, the alien called out to me like a beacon, and I decided to forge an alliance. As they say, the enemy of my enemy is my friend.

This cover took me many hours to make, but I’m pretty pleased with it. The full piece is much bigger, which means…more giveaway posters!

What are you guys most excited to read about in Gods of Rust and Ruin?